• Preschool students who live in the attendance area of Morse/Lamb Early Childhood Center may receive bus transportation as provided by the school district at no cost.
  • Students must obey all of the rules of safety and discipline as directed by the bus driver.  Students who fail to follow the safety rules of the school bus will be issued a Misconduct Notice, which must be signed by the parents and the principal.
  • Your child should be outside and waiting at the bus stop.  The driver cannot honk or wait.  This would be unfair to other children who are ready and waiting at their stop.
  • Preschool students must be seat belted during their ride to and from school.
  • Securing the seat belt is the parent’s responsibility as the child boards the bus coming to school; securing the seat belt is the school’s responsibility as the child boards the bus to go home.
  • Special needs students who need additional measures for safety may have those requests made during the development of the child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  • Bus safety programs are provided for Preschool students each school year.  These programs are provided by the Transportation Department.
  • Parents must complete a transportation request form in order to establish the route and pick up/drop off times for their child.  The transportation department will notify the parent directly once this information has been established.   Any changes in transportation information MUST be made through the school office.
  • You or a responsible adult must be present when the child is taken to the delivery address.  If no one is home and none of the emergency contacts can be reached, the child will be returned to the school.  A reasonable effort will be made to again contact home or emergency numbers.  If no one can be contacted, the police dispatcher will be notified that a child has possibly been abandoned and the child will be released into the custody of the KCK Police Department.  After the third time a child is returned to school, bus privileges will be suspended.
  • The telephone number for the Transportation Department is 913-627-3100.